Everything we believe, lies in the name of our brand...

''and just like the moon, you shall go through phases of light, of dark, and everything in between. And though you may not always appear with the same brightness, you are always whole''

What does "Naomi" mean?

Our name comes from Greek name "Neoma" which means "full moon".

The Moon's femaleness is there in its spherical pregnant form, soft and round, in its fluidity, and its darkness and light.

Phases of womans life

As Mayans thought the phases of the moon were associated with the phases of a woman's life.

So we believe every phase of woman's life has it's own beauty and meaning.

Who are we?

NAOMI Cosmetiques is a small business that was co-founded by best friends who were obsessed with the trends and standards of the beauty world for a while. Until one day we understood that the beauty industry standards are impossible and too exclusive to keep up with.

It all started to get judgmental and ridiculous. The excess of choices, wrong and right ingredients, anti-age this, routine that. That's too much!

We stopped the chase of an industry so-called “beautiful”!

We promised ourselves.
Let’s just do what makes us feel great and exceptional as individuals. We are going to use makeup that makes us feel good and healthy inside-out. 

But then, a better idea came up...

Let's create a cosmetics brand that has no industry rules and doesn't play by the book.

A cosmetics brand that creates effective, healthy, and easy-to-use cosmetics products that highlight your natural self.

A brand that is more than just a seller of a pigment in different packaging.

A brand that is here to support those women who are struggling with the natural changes in different ages.

A brand that is ready to donate to those who help women face these natural life difficulties.

A brand that appreciates this wonderful world! 

This is our commitment to breaking the rules of the industry. No judgment, perfecting, or anti-aging claims.

NAOMI is here to offer you products, that comes with a statement of listening, supporting, and helping others. Feel free to contact us anytime. We are here for each of you!

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